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Annie`s most recent television appearance was in the BBC2 series "The Private Life of a Masterpiece".

She was asked to perform in French, (in period costume) a long-lost song, Au Moulin de la Galette , rediscovered in the archives at the Musée Nationale in Paris after more than a century. This was to accompany the story behind Auguste Renoir`s famous painting of 1876, Bal au Moulin de la Galette.

Other television appearances as a singer:

2002, BBC Knowledge - Fever - documentary/tribute to the late Peggy Lee.

Channel 4 - series of plays, Tickets for the Titanic. Annie played the Irish pub singer in Incident on the Line, starring Warren Mitchell. (1991)

The Ken Goodwin Show (LWT) 1979

The Last Variety Show (LWT) with David Copperfield 1979

New Faces All Winners Show (ATV) 1978

David Nixon Show (Thames TV) 1974

Leslie Crowther Show (Thames TV) 1972

Mike Yarwood Show (Anglia TV) 1972

Late Mood (Tyne-Tees TV) own series (6) with guest musicians. 1969

TV abroad (1972):

Guest appearance on Rumanian TV


4 Guest appearances on Perth TV

(Western Australia)


Other TV appearances (non-singing) in which Annie was featured include:

NME Brat Awards (Channel 4) - Assistant to Eddie Izzard

Friday Night Armistice (BBC2) - American tourist

The Singing Detective (BBC) - anaesthetist

Eastenders (BBC) - bus conductress (numerous episodes)

Hale & Pace Show (LWT) - Tudor nurse and body in library (2 episodes)

London`s Burning (BBC) - ballroom dancer (2 episodes)

If You See God, Tell Him (BBC) - policewoman, starring Richard Briers

To Play The King (BBC) - weeping blast victim

Crime Monthly (LWT) witness and dead body (2 episodes)

Duck Patrol (LWT) - villain`s sister, starring Richard Wilson

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